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Chapter 8 - CHAPTER 8 PLANNING ADV AND IBP 276-80 gist of...

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CHAPTER 8 PLANNING ADV AND IBP 276-80 gist of iMac IBP story Apple held a campaign featuring billboards of innovators like Einstein, Earheart, Ali, and Picasso…. “Think different”. Apple won tons of awards for this campaign but their market share and revenues went down. o Needed new leadership: CEO Steve Jobs; and new product: iMac personal computer. The iMac was a system designed to get households hooked to the internet b/c this was a primary consumer motive. IMac went on sale August 14, 1998 (“Midnight Madness”) w/an initial sneak preview to create a buzz. PR created balloons for stores, giant search lights, TV news crews, etc. KEY ELEMENTS OF THE CAMPAIGN: o TV ADV: ads placed on pop shows and in top 10 metro markets o OUTDOOR ADV: billboards in top 10 metro markets o MAGAZINE ADV: informative 12 page insert distributed throughout Time, People, Rolling Stone.15 million copies in consumer hands after launch. o RADIO ADV: a 5day countdown to launch on 20 nationwide stations; featured iMac giveaways. o COOPERATIVE ADV: apple joined forces w/local retailers; worked w/DataVisions and CompUSA to promote the iMac. o WEBSITE FEATURES & PROMOS In Nov 1998 the iMac was the best selling personal comp—11 consec. Quarters of profitable growth. 277 Ex. 8.1 -- which markets were targeted using this outdoor ad? Apples iMac launch used outdoor billboards to target consumers in the top 10 metro markets. “chic, not geek” 278-9 Ex. 8.2-8.4 great ads across media (print and the web) √ 280 Ex. 8.5 -- the advertising plan; the ad plan is a written document, an extension of mktg plan A written plan that specifies the thinking, tasks, and timetable needed to conceive and implement an effective adv effort. LOOK AT THIS EXHIBIT IN BOOK intro > situation analysis > objectives > budgeting > strategy > execution > evaluation 281 the executive summary is the most important component of the plan, the takeaway The executive summary
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o Found in the Introduction, is offered to state the most important aspects of the plan. This is the takeaway; that is, what the reader should remember from the plan. It’s the essence of the plan. Intro consists of exec summary and overview.
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