Exam 1 Lecture Notes - Advertising 318J January 23, 2007...

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Advertising 318J January 23, 2007 Test 1 Lecture Notes: First ad shown: Ipod. What is advertising? “When it is at its best, it is tremendous.” GS&P= Cracker jack big bag; “Wedding dress and head piece never worn, Thank God” Salespersonship- what is for sale, and why consumers should buy it Integrated Brand Promotion (IBP) 1. Does it work? YES; o “A diamond is forever” (began in 1947) o Iron law of supply and demand has been turned to mush in the face of that slogan coupled with clever marketing and advertising o A diamond has no practical use except for saw blades o How does DeBeers maintain high price? By withholding supply Clever Marketing -Diamonds is positioned to consumers as an instrument of romantic love, attached to a cultural cornerstone of marriage o Japanese Culture 1959, diamond sales were zero Did not have a ritual of a diamond engagement ring Now 80% of brides wear a diamond ring o You are a marketing genius for DeBeers; How can you double your market size? Establish a tradition for your other hand ** Can advertising/IBP increase primary demand? YES. O’Guinn…No EX.: Got Milk?. ..California Milk Processing Board, now adopted by other milk cooperatives Reversed a long-term downturn in the consumption of milk Simple idea- positioning milk as a food wash 2. Can adv/IBP do good things? YES o EX.: “Don’t Mess With Texas” Dramatically reducing the incidence of roadside litter in Texas Saved Texas taxpayers 2-4 million of dollars a year o EX.: The Smile Train Child with a cleft Before and After technique 300,000 + people have gone to website, donated, etc. Over 130,000 children have received corrective surgery o EX.: ACLU Overcrowded prisons…smaller prisoners Don’t let the constitution be re- written by terrorist 3. Can it do bad things? YES o The Troublesome 4
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-Tobacco -Alcohol -Gambling -Guns Adv can encourage behavior--Misuse of the product can lead to catastrophic or negative consequences o EX.: Ralph Lauren, Macy’s Message –portrays unrealistic body image, encourages people to pursue an unhealthy ideal of our culture Affects people’s self image Homemade Ads for Pets Full of Contradictions Home on campus? Advertising really draws on all areas of the academic department (Business, Art, Communications, English) -“Almost any course in the university’s curriculum could be related to advertising, if you could be imaginative to realize it” Both Business Activity and a Social Phenomenon at the same time; it’s a reflection and a powerful influence Everybody is an expert BUT no one can precisely predict an outcome between a consumer and an advertisement; no one can exactly forecast the effect of an ad on an individual consumer Highly visible BUT highly suspect for using some hidden manipulative tools Marketed-Directed Economy Driving force behind IBP and Advertising is COMPETITION! -Driving innovation, Ex.: Royal Caribbean competing with the Norwegian or
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Exam 1 Lecture Notes - Advertising 318J January 23, 2007...

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