Chapter 7 - Chapter 7 Human Populations Major Questions 1...

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Chapter 7, Human Populations Major Questions: 1. What are the factors that lead to population growth? 2. What are potential future scenarios of growth and how do these fit into different views of human societies (Malthusian, Marxist, technological optimist) 3. What is the demographic transition? If you are given a country, can you describe the position of that country along the demographic transition? 4. What is the difference between population growth between the developing world and developed world? What causes differences within the developed world? 5. Why do women play such a critical role in population growth? What does a woman’s status in society have to do with population growth? 6. Why do age structures matter so much to the dynamics of population growth? 7. What role does HIV/AIDS play in population growth in Sub-Saharan Africa? Thomas Malthus (1798) argued human populations tend to increase exponentially while food production is plentiful. Karl Marx - Population growth is a symptom rather than a root cause of poverty and other social problems. Real causes of these problems are exploitation and oppression. The way to slow population growth and alleviate many social problems is through social
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Chapter 7 - Chapter 7 Human Populations Major Questions 1...

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