ADV 318J Exam 2 notes - 08/02/2007 00:52:00 Exam 2 Lecture...

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Unformatted text preview: 08/02/2007 00:52:00 Exam 2 Lecture Notes Great messages are developed by people who put themselves in the minds of their desired audiences. Importance of knowledge of target audience. Have empathy for perspective of target audience. ADOPTION PROCESS MODEL Fourth component- noise Sources field of experience/audiences field of experience Ven diagrams, overlap- o there is a much better chance of there being accurate persuasive communication if there is more overlap. Nursery rhyme-hey diddle diddle, common field of experience o heres a print ad that assumes you are familiar with that nursery rhyme. ONEIDAand the dish ran away for the spoon In class exercise- just do it 3 basic tasks: ENCODING o message developed. Source selects and combines stimuli to encode into a message. Source hopes to combine these symbols to persuade the audience. How you go about putting the message together. Symbols- words, objects, pictures, and figures that hold and can be used to convey some kind of meaning. Representations of something else. CAT- animal, furry, walks on four legs Language can be a limitation. Examples where in a particular language, they have words we dont have in English. Vice versa. Its the target audiences perspective that really matters when marketers do not know exactly how to communicate as clearly as they want to. DECODING o Occurs between message and audience. Task performed by the audience >>> assigns meaning to the message. Interpret the message. Audience may or may not attach same meaning to symbols as source intended. o shrimp 5# discount Murphy perplexed. Knew guy was selling shrimp. #5 = number 5 5# = 5 pound. FEEDBACK o Communication breakdown>>> find out by getting feedback. o Feedback is response monitoring. How well audience understands/ responds to our message. Communication in reverse. Very important in adjusting your message o Contrast between marketing and communication- getting feedback in a retail face to face situation. Prospective buyers get shown the features. Personal selling is so effective because the sales person is getting immediate feedback. They can change their presentation>>> adaptive. Sometimes it is nonverbal cues from the buyer WHAT DO ADVERTISERS WANT TO USE TO GET FEEDBACK???...
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ADV 318J Exam 2 notes - 08/02/2007 00:52:00 Exam 2 Lecture...

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