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Stan Stepanic[email protected]PhD, UVA Slavic Department, University of RichmondIn modern education, I think the situation is more difficult for those who have a background in the humanities. The output of the sciences is generally seen as more economically viable and instructors of disciplines like literature, folklore, film, and many others, sometimes find their position is viewed as less important by the average person, even superfluous. I find this to be far from the truth. The most important goal of an instructor today, regardless of their area of expertise, is an understanding of the interconnectedness of various disciplines, especially as it relates to their own. It is only through this that they may display the true importance of their own work.In my teaching, I provide a general framework revolving around a multiplicity of topics, illustrating how elements of seemingly unrelated fields compare and contrast, as well as providing a method so students may understand how their own experiences and
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Unformatted text preview: backgrounds apply to the rest of the world. I constantly utilize a wide variety of modern programs, websites, multi-media presentations, and applications familiar to students, but which instructors rarely use with skill, enabling students to apply their learning outside of the classroom. I find taking this approach has enabled them to successfully apply their knowledge realistically to future endeavors. Even years after teaching a student, I often receive emails of appreciation for my hard work and comments on how what they learned actually applied to their lives. Through this, I have found great success and would be honored to expand my career while working with other instructors to provide them with the ability to achieve similar results in their own teaching. The most successful people today, in any part of the world, are those with the most diverse backgrounds....
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