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NOTES FOR SECOND EXAM IN THE TESTING CENTER Quem Queritas The Easter Service (“Whom do you seek?” ) Traveling actors invited into churches. Doesn’t work. They are removed from the church and end up on the wagons of the Guild workers (Tanners, Carpenters etc) Medieval Theatre same as Greeks had theatrical devices…Mouth of Hell the most famous. As drama immerges from the so called Dark Ages we find three types of plays: Miracle (which deal with miracles of the faith, parting of the Red Sea, The Flood etc) Mystery Plays (which deal with the Mysteries of the Faith….Trinity, Assumption in Heaven of Mary, Morality Plays of which Everyman is the most famous. These plays deal with moral issues and are still done today. Two plays to know: Second Shepherd’s Play (A Miracle Play about the Birth of Christ) and Everyman a Morality play on the meaning of death and judgement. THE CRUSADES: ONE OF TWO MOST IMPORTANT HUMAN EVENTS FOR THEATRE.
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