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02/22/2008 EXAM I REVIEW Fordism —the most important is the assembly line (small working parts working together efficiently). Taylorism —how best can you work these parts together. Sloanism —a marketing tool creating needs and wants where they are non-existent. The inventory is sitting in our showrooms and such, and we need to create demands and needs so that this can get bought. We sell things by trying to get people to know that we sell things, and they are just like what you have/had, only better. This is a marketing concept for the efficient selling. Advertising and marketing—this was technology created to control the crisis of overproduction and distribution//this is a tool to control the crisis of distribution. SAMPLE of SHORT ANSWER QUESTION***Example of arbitrage work, how does it feature into that, and give an example. Explain Fordism, Taylorism and Sloanism, how did they contribute to the crisis of control? How do they alleviate? 02/25/2008 The role of television in society What role does television play in your everyday life? (It is one of the everyday commodities in society. This is information, entertainment, gives you background noise (helps you think that you are not alone), TV provides you with a sense of companionship, a sense of familiarity. We are talking about the sense of TV in its uses. The reading today focuses on:) How do we evaluate the role of television as a technology and a cultural form in society? What are three different approaches outlined by Raymond Williams in his analysis of the role of television in society? (Depending on the way you look at TV:) (I) cause and effect (Popular and problematic: The cause-and-effect approach to television (There is something that TV did to cause the alteration of future news and media broadcasts. TV can also make us susceptible to violence in society—desensitization. TV was such a powerful medium that it changed our social relationships—water cooler talk; we saw the same show, and we talk about this the next day at the water cooler.) What are the nine popular versions of the cause-and-effect approach Williams identities? (p. 44-45) “Television was invented as a result of scientific and technical research…” (effect is accidental) – 1 to 5. (The effects are accidental; nuclear power can be put to good or bad use (i.e. power source versus bomb). People who invented the bomb knew
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STS331.ClassNotes.8 - 02/22/2008 EXAM I REVIEW Fordism-the...

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