STS331 Lecture Notes #3

STS331 Lecture Notes #3 - Tension Music and the...

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01/23/2008 Tension: Music and the digitization of music; some people choose to get the music without paying for it, so this is a tension. The similar interest lies in wanting to spread music. The tension between these two builds the platform where we will be going. There are new ways to not watch ads, such as putting them online. The advertisers don’t care if you watch the show. Nine sites of tensions/negotiations between producers and consumers 1) Revising audience measurement —the industry wants to broadcast ads, and the audience wishing to avoid ads. is a new way of online measurement since audiences are consuming in new ways. 2) Regulating media content —TiVo is a way that you regulate your viewing (I want to watch this and not this). TiVo comes and says, “Hey, you like to watch sports, so here’s this.” You can regulate your viewing via content or pattern. We, as audiences, can regulate our viewing and viewing patterns in order to give ourselves control. The industry is trying to relate our viewing in other ways of trying to decide our viewing. We wanted to come up with a system ourselves. Ex. In Utah, there is a company that removes non-family behavior from it’s DVDs, so they are getting sued for copyright infringement. 3) Redesigning the digital economy —Fans can make a lot of money off of these kinds of fan sites. This is dominated by the top-down model. There is a new technological term: prosumer. Producer/consumer—I didn’t like the ending of a movie I saw, so I re-edited the ending and posted it on YouTube.
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STS331 Lecture Notes #3 - Tension Music and the...

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