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STS331 Lecture Notes #1 - STS331 Lecture Notes EXAM I...

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STS331 Lecture Notes EXAM I MATERIAL 01/14/2008 We will be understanding how technology works in culture, so more about the uses of television, and how the uses of television in society play a role. What are the implications of the code for our computers? Who writes that code? Who has the power to write it? Who is left out? These are larger issues such as, what does writing the code mean? We are looking at the cultural dynamics of society. Media changes a lot, so does society, and media has to change to society. We are going to look at how different mediums adapted to people at that time, or how people adapt to mediums at that time. We are using new technology, and everything else is old technology. How did people deal with old technologies when they were new? Think of different contexts in different parts of the world. We can learn about the future of new technologies in our time. We can learn about how they will evolve by looking back at history. There are certain patterns that seem to replicate the sort of patterns. Think of the printing press, it was a new technology, and it dramatically altered a lot of things in the world at that time. When newspapers were new, they had different effects on people.
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STS331 Lecture Notes #1 - STS331 Lecture Notes EXAM I...

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