STS331 Lecture Notes #5

STS331 Lecture Notes #5 - There has always been...

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02/01/2008 There has always been surveillance in our society, and nowadays, it is more intense. Group Presentation #1: Utopian and Dystopian Views of New Media Digital Technologies Introduction New Media Convergence (things are always combining, such as phones and the Internet. They are focusing on both utopian and dystopian.) Utopian and Dystopian views (Dystopian—a not so perfect world, a world that can happen destructively) CLIP: Time Warner Commercial Roommate Ad (Hot girl and you can have it all) (As a college student, you want convergence since we are constantly multitasking. The demand for convergence, since you just sit there and not go anywhere, is rising. These convergence packages are getting lower and lower—iPhone and laptops, etc. Basically having a phone that does all of this stuff and having a low price is a good bang for your buck—iMovie and iTunes.). (CEO—private media ownership. Getting more stuff for less and less space—iPhone holds just as much as a laptop, etc. We even have webcams for conferencing.) Dystopian (Google maps and surveillance. People are watching you without having to do too much) (Too many things together, pressing elderly people to get things when they are comfortable with what they have, TVs with Caller ID that disrupt your show, watching movies on smaller screens when you have a larger screen (cuts the picture).) (Housewives need cheap things—refrigerator with a TV. How often are you going to look at the refrigerator and think: What would be the weather like today? Lose track of things like cooking, etc.) (Convergence is not always a good thing if you can’t get it to the poor, other ethnicities, etc.) CONCLUSION They are presenting the gray area, not a black and white, not a utopian/dystopian view. QUESTIONS Why haven’t the utilities converged? Will it be a monopoly? These are necessities for the public, and public broadcasting is a necessity since you need to know what the weather is like, what is going on in your city, what the gov’t is doing, etc. This could be more important since you need to know what the gov’t is doing so you can have gas, water, and electric. If Murdoch and Time Warner wanted all of Austin to have cable, they would dig up the whole city, so there would be foundation everywhere. Certain cities give up a monopoly for fairness, risks, etc. You give the city benefits in return for monopoly, no torn up foundations. Convergence (a coming together from different directions, especially a uniting or
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STS331 Lecture Notes #5 - There has always been...

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