Key Social Psychology Terms

Key Social Psychology Terms - • Cognitive Dissonance-role...

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Key Social Psychology Terms (Lahey, 2007, Chapter 16) Deindividuation, bystander apathy, diffusion of responsibility, social facilitation, social loafing, groupthink, polarization Conformity, social norms, obedience Group support Attitudes & Persuasion -affect, behavior, cognition (ABC) Persuasion: Characteristics of the Speaker -credibility, sleeper effect, intentions Characteristics of the Message -fear appeals, one or two sides, framing (to gain or lose) Characteristics of the Listener -intelligence, need for approval, self-esteem, audience size Persuasion Techniques -foot-in-the-door, low-ball Key Social Psychology Terms (continued)
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Unformatted text preview: • Cognitive Dissonance-role of choice • Prejudice & Stereotypes-consequences & contributing factors Interpersonal Attraction: Relationships • Person Perception-fundamental attribution error: internal vs. external-competence, physical attractiveness-emotions, gender differences • Extraneous Factors-primary effects (recency too)-proximity, mutual liking • Maintaining Relationships-passionate vs. companionate love-equity theory Seven Principles of Social Dynamics Influence Safety Improvement Consistency-We resist change-We act ourselves into certain thinking and visa versa-We honor public, active, and voluntary commitment...
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Key Social Psychology Terms - • Cognitive Dissonance-role...

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