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sample midterm - 1. (6 pts) Describe briefly (2-4...

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1 . ( 6 pts ) Describe briefly (2-4 sentences) two functions of dynein. 2. ( 10 pts ) Define a morphogen gradient. Give one example that we have discussed in class (2-4 sentences) 3 (6 pts). The following event is triggered by a rise in intracellular free calcium: a. genomic imprinting b. the fast block to polyspermy c. the slow block to polyspermy d. stabilization of cytostatic factor e. all of the above 4 (6 pts) . Each blastomere of a 4-cell embryo can develop into a normal frog. This demonstrates: a. absence of store maternal mRNAs b. the mid-blastual transition has not yet occurred c. genomic equivalence d. the importance of morphogens e. the absence of genomic imprinting 5 ( 6 pts ). The phenotype of Kruppel-/- embryos derived from Kruppel+/- parents is? (a) Normal (b) missing internal (abdominal) structures (c) missing terminal structures (d) ventralized (e) missing every other segment
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6. (6 pts) Nurse cells in Drosophila (circle one): a. Deposit maternal mRNA into the developing oocyte
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sample midterm - 1. (6 pts) Describe briefly (2-4...

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