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HOX genes What is a homeobox? A homeodomain? What is colinearity? What is posterior prevalence? What experiments demontrate posterior prevalence? What axes are controlled by Hox genes along body and in limb? What embryonic structures provide evidence that vertebrate embryos are segmented? How does this relate to Hox gene expression? Cellular Basis of Morphogenesis What are the differences between epithelial and mesenchymal cells? How do cells move? Discuss in terms of the role of actin, integrin, ECM in cell movement What is the role of cadherins in cell-cell interactions? What is the role of caherins in cell sorting-give examples of cadherin involvement in cell sorting during development. What types of cell movements (epiboly, convergent extension, involution, invagination, delamination, ingression) are used in morphogenesis? Which of these movements involve changes in cell shape, cell-cell interactions and cell-ECM interactions? Give examples of these types of movements in different organisms What are epithelial to mesenchymal transitions? What are mesenchymal to epithelial transitions? Examples of each Events in these transitions (in terms of cell junctions, cell-ECM, etc.) Gastrulation Wha are the derivatives of each germ layer? What is cortical rotation and what does it accomplish? Role of Nieuwkoop Center in establishing the axes of the embryo Role of the Spemann Organizer/node in establishing the axes of the embryo Experiments demonstrating the role of the organizer Relationship between Nieuwkoop Center and Spemann Organizer
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What are the proteins produced by the Organizer that allow it to dorsalize mesoderm) Relationship of DV patterning in Xenopus and Drosophila Neurulation and induction Role of dorsal-ventral patterning system (DPP/Sog vs BMP/chordin) in neurulation Experiments showing the roles of BMPs and their antagonists in neurulation Neurulation in Drosophila What is lateral inhibition-(Notch, Delta, proneural bHLH genes)? Mechanism of invagination in neurulation
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Study_guide_for_final07F - HOX genes What is a homeobox A...

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