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Alana notes Exam#3 - Ch. 18 Human Resource Policies &...

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Ch. 18 Selection Practices: How the Selection Process Works: o 1. Initial Selection: These devices are the first information applicants submit and are used for preliminary “rough cuts” to decide whether an applicant meets the basic qualifications for a job. GOAL : Use for preliminary “rough cuts” to decide whether an applicant meets the basic qualifications for a job. Application forms : o Some companies prefer you to apply online so your application can be forwarded to the ppl in charge. o It is generally not allowable to ask about prior arrest records or even convictions unless the answer is job-related. Background Checks : o They want to know how an applicant did in past jobs and whether former employers would recommend hiring the person. o Problem = Former employers RARELY provide useful info. o EX. Letters of Recommendation . These aren’t so useful cuz employees hand-select the people who write letters so they are always positive. o Credit History//Criminal Record . o 2. Substantive Selection: These are the HEART of the selection process and include written tests, performance tests, and interviews. GOAL: Determine the most qualified applicants from among those who meet basic qualifications. Written Tests: o These were frequently characterized as discriminatory . o Today more than 60% of all U.S. organizations and most Fortune 1000 companies use some type of test. o Managers recognize that there are valid tests available & they can be helpful in predicting who will be successful. o Applicants tend to view written tests as less valid//unfair than interviews or performance tests. o Include:: 1.) Intelligence//Cognitive tests— Some say this is the single BEST selection measure across jobs , 2.) Personality tests, 3.) Integrity tests, 4.) Interest inventories. Performance-Simulation Tests: o These tests have the applicants actually DO the work. o 1.) Work sample tests —Hands-on simulations of part or all of the job that must be performed by applicants (mini replica). Used more so for welders, carpenters, &
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electricians. o 2.) Assessment Centers —A set of performance-simulation tests designed to evaluate a candidate’s managerial potential. In these tests, supervisors/psychologists evaluate candidates as they go thru several days of exercises that simulate real problems they would confront on the job. Interviews: o Most frequently used selection tool. o Carry a great deal of weight in the selection process. o Can be BIASED to those who interview well. o Are better for assessing applied mental skills, conscientiousness, interpersonal skills, & person- organization fit of the applicant. o
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Alana notes Exam#3 - Ch. 18 Human Resource Policies &...

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