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Chapter 14: Promotion- Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications - Promotion Communicates to Target Markets: o Promotion : communicating information between the seller and potential buyer or others in the channel to influence attitudes and behaviors o Three Basic Types of Promotion : (often used in combination to achieve objectives) 1. Personal Selling : involves direct spoken communication between sellers and potential customers Immediate feedback, flexible; can be very expensive 2. Mass Selling : communicating with large numbers of potential customers at the same time Less expensive than personal selling, also less flexible Advertising : any paid form of non-personal presentation of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor o The main form of mass selling Publicity : any unpaid form of non-personal presentation of ideas, goods, or services; the service is “free” o If the firm has a really new message, publicity may be more effective than advertising o It doesn’t always say or show what the firm intends 3. Sales Promotion : refers to promotion activities- other than advertising, publicity, and personal selling- that stimulates interest, trial, or purchase by final customers or others in the channel Implemented quickly, get results sooner designed to produce immediate results More $ spent on sales promotion than advertising Ex: contests, coupons, trade shows, catalogs, samples, price deals, etc. - Someone Must Plan, Integrate, and Manage the Promotion Blend: o Sales Managers : concerned with managing personal selling Frequently responsible for building good distribution channels and implementing place policies o Advertising Managers : manage their company’s mass-selling effort- in television, newspapers, magazines, and other media Job involves selecting the right media and developing the ads, might involve: Public Relations : communication with non-customers, including labor, public interest groups, stockholders, and the government o Sales Promotion Managers : manage their company’s sales promotion effort Firms use both inside and outside specialists o Determining the blend of promotion methods is a strategy decision- and it is the responsibility of the marketing manager . o Integrated Marketing Communications : the intentional coordination of every communication from a firm to a target customer to convey a consistent and complete message, produced by effective blending of all the firm’s promotional efforts Separate messages should be complimentary , but also consistent .
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- Which Methods to Use Depends on Promotional Objectives: o Promotion must : 1. Reinforce present attitudes or relationships that might lead to favorable behavior, or… 2. Actually change the attitudes and behavior of the firm’s target market. o
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Jo - Test 4 Review - Chapter 14: Promotion- Introduction to...

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