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February 25, 2008 Branding needs a strategy decision, too Branding means use of name by term or symbol or design which identifies a product. Some companies use all attributes to establish brand. ***Brand name is a unique word, letter, or group of letters. A trademark however includes those words/symbols as registered. Branding: -best value for the price -dependable, widespread availability -market price can be high enough -economies of scale -favorable shelf or display space -easy to label and identify*
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Unformatted text preview: ***Brands deliver up to 4 levels of means: Attribute, benefit, value, personality ***The right brand name can help:-short and simiple-easy to spell and read-easy to recognize and remember-easy to pronounce-can pronounce in onlyh ohne way-can pronounce in all languages-suggests product benefits-meets packaging and labeling needs No undesirable imagery Always timely Adapts to any advertising medium Legally available for use*** Packaging: Color, shape: last 5 seconds of advertisement*...
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