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P SY 333D T IPS FOR S TUDYING T EXTS : E XAM O NE Read everything in the assigned chapters. You will be tested over the following concepts and passages (passages are italicized): C HAPTER O NE : Bronfenbrenner’s bioecological model 7 assumptions of ‘today’s’ lifespan perspective 3 critical features of experimental design The Correlational Method C HAPTER T WO : Sections on nature/nurture, goodness/badness, activity/passivity, continuity/discontinuity, universality/specificity) C HAPTER T HREE : Difference between mitosis and meiosis Single Gene-pair Inheritance What are most chromosome abnormalities due to? Examples? Explorations: Prenatal detection of abnormalities Estimating Influences Accounting For Individual Differences: Intellectual Abilities
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