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Concepts & Symbols - Conceptual Development I...

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Conceptual Development I. Metarepresentation A. Scale Model Errors 1. Miniature slide, doll chair, toy car: 18-30 month olds try to sit on or slide down miniature toys. 2. DeLoache, Uttal, & Rosengren (2004) credit a “Perception- Action dissociation:” Visual information from the object activates wider category, & activates motor program for interacting with the object. 3. Difficulty inhibiting, even though size discrepancy detected visual information about size of actual object is used to calibrate actions toward object (e.g., crouching lower). Dissociation between ventral visual system (object recognition) and dorsal system (provides control of execution of actions). B. Pictorial Competence 1. Dual Representation of Symbols: Pictures are themselves both Object and serve as a Referent. 2. Infants can discriminate between objects and pictures of objects from a young age. However, they often treat pictures of objects as if they are real objects— a. 9 month olds try to grasp or pick up objects in books b. Are often content to look at books upside down.
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Concepts & Symbols - Conceptual Development I...

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