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Prenatal Dev. I Outline - Prenatal Development Outline-To...

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Prenatal Development Outline --To take notes directly on this page, double or triple line spacing **Most of the information for the Prenatal Development lectures will be provided by in- class software; thus only a brief outline is presented on which students may take notes during the software presentation. Attendance is extremely important. I. Reproductive Organs and Fertility Treatments A. Female -follicle -FSH & LH -corpus luteum -endometrium -estrogen, progesterone -menstruation B. Male -sperm -seminiferous tubules -epididymus -vas deferens -seminal vesicle -prostrate gland
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C. Fertility Treatments ($2 billion year business in 1994 ) --delay of parenthood decreases fertility rates, esp. for women 1. Pergonal (menotropin): Follicle Stimulating Hormone to overstimulate egg production (used to be derived from urine of postmenopausal Italian nuns) 2. Artificial Insemination : into uterus or fallopian tubes for sex selection: http://www.microsort.net/ 3. In Vitro Fertilization : eggs harvested, then: a. fertilized in Petri dish
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