Journal 1 - aids, and his mother back home. I also really...

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Journal 1 – “ Almost Famous: An Alternative Musical” Film – Almost Famous (2000, dir. Cameron Crowe) Watching Almost Famous (and for the first time, in fact) made me feel a strong connection with the film and its contributing characters. It’s not because I feel that I have or can experience what they go through, but by the way the film makers can make so many meanings available to different people. In peer discussion of this film, some would say that the film’s use of changing color schemes give a sense of William’s changing attitude towards life. Others would say that the use of mise-en-Scene in scenes such as the pre-devirginizing of William as he sits in the bathtub gives the viewer an understanding of the chaos in his mind as he tries to write his groundbreaking story. There were some other things that really stood out for me. Story structure was extraordinary in this film. The director takes us through William’s quest, while giving him substance and defining his youth through his relationships with the band, the “band-
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Unformatted text preview: aids, and his mother back home. I also really enjoyed the creative, and what I would believe to be authentic, wardrobe choices for this production, really bringing out the wild world of Rock and Roll. What really captivated me through this film was its appropriate use of recording and soundtrack choices. By using the music of artists such as The Who and Black Sabbath, the film makers give definition to the setting of the movie. While I am one who prefers a score soundtrack rather than artist recordings, this movie could not have been made any other way than by the use of those defining songs. This doesnt mean, however, that the score soundtrack to this film was less important, because it accompanied the recorded tracks very nicely, and added depth to the sound production. To me, this film felt like an on screen rock-opera; a kind of alternative musical, without breaking into song randomly. Beautiful, creative, and captivating, Almost Famous is an instant classic....
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Journal 1 - aids, and his mother back home. I also really...

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