Journal 2 - Journal 2 - "Imitation of Life a metaphor...

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Journal 2 - “ Imitation of Life a metaphor of itself?” Film – Imitation of Life (1959, dir. Douglas Sirk) The second screening for this film class was Douglas Sirk’s Imitation of Life . It wasn’t until watching the film all the way through that I realized that the title is something of a metaphor for the content it presents, the content being somewhat of a social commentary on the battle between classes, economic status, gender issues, and even issues of race, all in one film. There are several elements of the classical Hollywood structure that are used in this film; however, the filmmaker(s) use them in a somewhat complex manner. For instance, the film follows a three act structure, the first being Lora’s acquisition of a job. Within this act, we see the changing of value charge (from negative to positive) between scenes. For example, the actions that take Lora through the opening sequence, her looking for her daughter, change the value charge from negative (fear of losing her daughter) to positive (finding her daughter). However, here we are introduced to who would become the film’s second protagonist, Annie.
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Journal 2 - Journal 2 - "Imitation of Life a metaphor...

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