Journal 3 - Journal 3 - "The Conformist Does Not...

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Journal 3 - “The Conformist Does Not Conform” Film – Il Conformista ( The Conformist , 1970, dir. Bernardo Bertolucci) First, I would like to give a personal response to this film. Watching it made me feel a bit uncomfortable. Not because of its explicit content, but because of its awkward structure and its foreign-filmness (that and because having to concentrate on subtitles deferred my concentration from the imagery). That having been said, I would like to say that this film was obviously not a classically designed film. Several elements made this so. For example, the film’s non-linear temporal structure goes against the classical, linear time structure that most Hollywood films center on. This film jumps from what should be near the end, to the beginning, then even more in the past, then somewhere in the middle, then meets in the end again. The protagonist jumps in a car with an unknown character, they start to converse, and boom, we’re in the past. Already, I’m disoriented. I was expecting the classic start to finish, cause/effect, episode to episode
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Journal 3 - Journal 3 - "The Conformist Does Not...

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