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Building List for Slide Identification 1. "Falling Water," Bear Run, Pennsylvania 2. Condominiums, Sea Ranch, California 3. Taliesin West, Scottsdale, Arizona 4. Sea Ranch, California 5. The Woodlands, Texas 6. The Cloisters, Cincinnati 7. Hagia Sophia, Constantinople 8. Maisons Joaul, Neuilly, France 9. Colosseum, Rome 10. Town Hall, North Easton, Massachusetts 11. Ames Gate Lodge, North Easton, Massachusetts 12. Morse and Stiles Hall, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut 13. Blackman House, Groton, Massachusetts 14. Strimling House, Weston, Massachusetts 15. Lake Shore Drive Apartments, Chicago 16. Deere and Co. Headquarters, Moline, Illinois 17. Boston 5¢ Savings 18. S. Maria della Fiore, Florence, Italy 19. Cathedral, Amiens, France 20. Cameron Offices, Belconnen, A.C.T., Australia 21. Tenneco Building, Houston 22. American Heart Association, Dallas 23. Palace of Justice, Chandigarh, India Architects List for Slide Identification A. Alvar Aalto B. John Andrews C. Filipo Brunelleschi D. Hardy, Holzman, Pfeiffer E. Kallman and McKinnell F. Le Corbusier G. Ian McHarg H. Mies van der Rohe I. MLTW (Charles Moore, et al.) J. Oglesby Group K. Hector Guimard L. H. H. Richardson M. Eero Saarinen N. Maurice Smith O. S.O.M. P. Frank Lloyd Wright Q. No architect noted
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ARC 308 Quiz #2 Larry Speck Fall 2002 PART I. IDENTIFICATION (20 points) From the attached lists select the appropriate building name and architect for each of the slides shown. Write the number or letter of the description beside the number of the slide. Building Name Architect ______ ______ slide #1 ______ ______ slide #2 ______ ______ slide #3 ______ ______ slide #4 ______ ______ slide #5 ______ ______ slide #6 ______ ______ slide #7 ______ ______ slide #8 ______ ______ slide #9 ______ ______ slide #10 PART II. OBJECTIVE (30 points) Mark the best selection in the space provided to the left of the number. ______ 1. At the very beginning of her chapter on "Necessity" Ms. Heschong discusses the thermal context of the land and sea and the strategies inherent in organisms in each to cope with their contexts. Which of the following best describes the point she is making? a. Land provides a relatively stable thermal environment while oceans experience greater swings of temperature. Evolution drew organisms to the less stressful thermal environment for survival. b. Oceans provide a particularly stable thermal environment while land experiences great swings of temperature. In order to move from oceans onto land, organisms had to develop thermal strategies that would allow them to survive. c.
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sample_quiz_2 - Building List for Slide Identification 1 2...

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