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A_20whole_20new_20mind - IQ or EQ IQ impacts only the...

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A whole new mind (how to thrive in the new conceptual age) We are in a new age Agriculture age farmers Industrial age factory workers Information age knowledge workers Conceptual age creators Key Concepts Right Brain Rising Rationale Abundance Asia Automation Key characteristics High concept Creativity Art Beauty Patterns and relationships opportunities narrative - story telling invention High touch empathy human interaction joy purpose and meaning Master of Fine Arts (MFA) is the new MBA!
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Unformatted text preview: IQ or EQ? IQ impacts only the professions open to you Within a profession IQ has only a 4-10% impact, EQ accounts for the rest! Key Skills Design Story Symphony Empathy Play Meaning Key questions Can someone overseas do it cheaper? Can a computer do it faster? Am I meeting a need of the new age of abundance? The Book Title:Whole new mind Author:Daniel H. Pink ISBN:1573223085 A whole new mind.mmap - 13/02/2006 -...
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