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toward careers in the business community. During college, INROADS students participate in four to five summer internships with local businesses in their areas of interest. INROADS prepares the students academically and professionally for responsible careers in business. INROADS is a nonprofit organization that relies on financial contributions from corporations for each college student spon- sored. These contributions allow INROADS to offer students business and academically-oriented training programs in addition to work experience. INROADS also offers specialized counseling for personal needs, career planning, and job development during the internship. Kansas City • Denver • Oklahoma City • Omaha The Fed The Federal Reserve System (the Fed) was formed December 23, 1913, when President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Re- serve Act. Since then, the Fed’s primary function has been to manage the nation’s supply of money and credit. However, the Fed also serves as: • the banker’s bank, providing financial services to banks and other depository institutions; • the government’s bank, providing similar services to federal agencies; • the supervisor of state member banks and bank holding companies; and • one of the agencies involved in consumer legislation. The Fed is a decentralized system of 12 regional Reserve Banks that control each of the 12 geographic districts, 25 branch offices and 12 regional centers. The Tenth Federal Reserve District is one of the largest geographically of the 12 districts, serving all or part of seven states from its headquarters in Kansas City, and its branch offices in Denver, Oklahoma City, and Omaha. INROADS The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City is proud to be a participant in the INROADS program. As an organization, we are committed to certain core values that determine what we do and how we do it: Integrity, Service, and Personal Growth and Development. In addition, we believe that the following factors are critical to our success as an organization, and we must be sure that they are met in everything we do: 1) Attract, Retain, and Develop Top Performing Staff; 2) Continuous Improvement; 3) Efficiency; 4) Empowerment; 5) Leadership; and 6) Valuing Diversity and Teamwork. As an INROADS sponsor, our goal is to provide students with direction in identifying their career goals and the opportunities available at the Bank, with our core values and critical success factors guiding our actions. To stay in alignment with this goal, the Bank has also established the INROADS Advisory Committee (IAC) to further aid in the development of the student during the internship. The IAC consists of several members of management (including INROADS alumni), who provide direction and insight, while serving as a formal support system to ensure a smooth transition into the Bank environment. Program Goal
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Fed Reserve Internship - INROADS Federal Reserve Bank of...

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