lab report - Tips on writing a lab report Samuel LeBlanc...

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Unformatted text preview: Tips on writing a lab report Samuel LeBlanc January 13, 2009 1 General Notes This document is designed to facilitate the writing of the lab report that is due with each lab session for ATOC 1070. • In scientific writing, first person pronouns must be used minimally or even better never used. In order to declare actions that were taken a third person writing style must be used. To signify one’s self while writing, the terms: ”the author or authors” must be used. • Opinions should be strictly omitted. • Proper grammar and wording is not strictly enforced, but an incompre- hensible text is worthless. In other words verify that you are actually saying what you want to say and that grammar mistakes do not detract from the report. • All values taken during the lab must be associated with a specific unit. • Computer written documents are preferred, but if you have neat writing you may write your lab report by hand. • NO PLAGIARISM is accepted, this means you may NOT copy word for word the text or your partner. 1 2 Content The following sections must be present in the lab report in this sequence: • Pre-Lab – Objective – Procedure • Activities – Excel sheets – Graphs and Figures • Questions • Conclusion 3 Pre-lab This section needs to be done before the lab starts. It is designed so that you read over the lab before hand in order to have an idea of what awaits...
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lab report - Tips on writing a lab report Samuel LeBlanc...

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