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Dr. S. Berniolles, Page 1 of 1 CHEM 6BL PRELAB/POSTLAB ANSWER KEY EXPERIMENT #2: VOLUMETRIC ANALYSIS OF AN ORGANIC ACID PRELAB ANSWER KEY: 1. (1 point) The criteria for a "primary standard" are: Readily available in pure form Easy to dry and not so hygroscopic (i.e., water attracting) that it takes up water during weighing process Large molar mass to minimize the consequences of errors in weighing 2. (1 point) Stoichiometric (equivalence) Point : point in a titration when just enough titrant has been added to react completely with the substance being titrated (i.e., analyte). End Point : point in a titration when the indicator changes color. 3. (3 points) Dissolve 0.800 g of NaOH in (<200 mL) water , and then dilute it to exactly 200.00 mL (in a 200.00 mL volumetric flask). 4. (0 point) It is not critical to measure the volume of water in Step I.4 accurately because it is added to the NaOH solution to prepare a solution that will be standardized in Part II. 5.
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