Chapter Fourteen Terms

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Chapter Fourteen Terms Adolecence - The period of biological, cognitive, and psychosocial transition form childhood to adulthood, usually lasting a decade or so Puberty - A period of rapid growth and sexual change that occours in early adolescence and produces a person of adult size, shape and sexual potential Hypothalamus - An area at the base of the brain that, in addition to regulationg several maintenance activities like eating or drinking, directs the production of hormones via the pituitary gland Pituatary gland - A gland that, in response to a biochemical signal from the hypothalamus produces hormones that regulate growth and control other glands, including the adrenal glands Adrenal glands - A pair of glands located above the kidneys that secrete the hormones epinpanephrine and norepinephrine which help to arouse the body in a time of stress HPA axis - The hypothalamus/pituitary/adrenal axis, a route followed by many kinds of hormones to trigger the changes of puberty and to regulate stress,
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