Frank and Shirley - In nursing my positive impact will have...

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Throughout the years I have had many goals for my life. Although it has been difficult to accomplish some of them determination has always shown me the way. When I was younger my family never talked about anyone going to college. There were never any helpful suggestions, or spoken dreams about secondary education. Even though there was no family encouragement, I became the first member of my family pursuing a higher education. Now I have a little sister who looks up to me for inspiration. My involvement with her allows me to realize the importance of my success. Ever since I was a child I seemed to have a passion for helping others. After learning about Florence Nightingale revolutionizing the nursing field I have wanted to do my part. In helping people in mind, body, and spirit I will be improving the world one step at a time. Each person has an impact on the world whether it is positive or negative, and each has a significant role to play in the workings of society.
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Unformatted text preview: In nursing my positive impact will have the possibility for extraordinary opportunities to happen in others lives. My parents are my inspiration in wanting to accomplish a college degree. In seeing my mother work at a job she hates and my father work in a factory, it showed me the difference a college degree can make. After graduating college I hope to inspire my younger family members to do the same. Every goal I set I strive to achieve to their fullest potential. For the past two years I have been attending Jackson Community College in order to pursue my dreams. Due to the expenses incurred with four year universities community college became the answer. In the upcoming fall semester I plan to transfer to Grand Valley State University to complete a Bachelors Degree in Science Nursing. Even though it will be a big change from my previous college experience I have the ability to accomplish my degree and the dedication to help me along the way....
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  • Fall '08
  • jackson
  • Grand Valley State, younger family members, previous college experience, upcoming fall semester, Bachelors Degree in Science Nursing

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Frank and Shirley - In nursing my positive impact will have...

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