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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon where found dates paleoenvironment famous fossils Sahelanthropus tchadensis Chad 7 mya (million years ago) Lake margin, with nearby desert Orrorin tugenensis Kenya 6 mya --------- Ardipithecus ramidus Ethiopia 5.8-4.4 mya Woodland/forest type Australopithecus anamensis Kenya 4.2-3.9 mya Savanna or open country, with a bordering woodland Australopithecus afarensis Hadar, Ethiopia and Laetoli, Tanzania 3.7-3.0 mya Open country/savanna context, with bordering woodland AL288 (Lucy); fossilized footprints at Laetoli, Tanzania (3.6 mya) Australopithecus africanus Taung, Republic of South Africa and Sterkfontein, South Afria 3.3-2 mya; > or older than 2.5 mya Savanna Taung Child Australopithecus garhi Ethiopia 2.5 mya Savanna/open country Australopithecus robustus Swartkrans, South Africa 2-1 mya; < 2.5 mya Savanna Australopithecus boisei Lake Turkana, Kenya and Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania 2.4-1.2 mya Savanna Australopithecus aethiopicus Lake Turkana, Kenya 2.4 savanna early Homo: Homo habilis and Homo rudolfensis Lake Turkana, Kenya and Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania and Sterkfrontein, South Africa 2.4-1.6 mya Savanna KNM- ER1470 (750 cm 3 cranium capacity) Western and Central Africa Extant Closed woodland or tropical forest 1
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Pan troglodytes **Most of the Taxa are found in east Africa or north and central Africa. If he asked which of the following species were found at a specific sight, we would need to know that Austropithecus Africanus and Robustus are the only two found in South Africa. * Generalizations (for all charts): (1) Australopithecus Africanus and Robustus are found in South Africa. All other early hominids are distributed in east Africa. (2) The Earliest hominids may be dated to the late Miocene.
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anth test 3 mals_hominid_table - 1 where...

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