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1) What is a synapomorphy? 2) Two species form fertile hybrids but the hybrids have low fitness because they are sterile, even in the lab. Which form of reproductive isolation would this be? 3) Explain minority cytotype disadvantage 4) Allopolyploids often ‘behave’ as if they are diploid. Explain what this means 5) What problems can arise when trying to use parsimony to reconstruct phylogenetic relationships? 6) How do Dobzhansky-Muller incompatibilities help solve the problem of
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Unformatted text preview: understanding how species can diverge normally and yet produce low fitness hybrids? 7) Why are ‘fish’ a paraphyletic group? 8) Why might prezygotic isolation be stronger in sympatry than in allopatry? 9) Make up your own set of DNA sequences from four species, one of which is an outgroup, and reconstruct the most parsimonious phylogenetic tree....
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