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Here are some thought questions to test your knowledge of the material covered in the first third of this course (EEB318). Although the exam will be multiple choice format, these questions are meant to illustrate the kind of information you should be prepared to understand. The scope of questions on the exam will of course include issues not included specifically in these study questions. Note that you will not be permitted a calculator during the exam, so any possible calculations on the exam would be very simple. 1. Define “evolution.” 2. What is the key feature that distinguishes how Lamarck and Darwin thought about organismal change? 3. What ideas proposed by other thinkers were key to shaping Darwin’s view of evolution in nature? 4. How is evolution a “fact”? How is evolution a “theory”? 5. From where can genetic variation arise? 6. Should a mutation arise, in what portion of the DNA would it be most likely to cause a problem? Least likely?
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Thought_questions_-_L1-7 - course(EEB318.,...

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