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DATE DAY CLASS INSTRUCTOR CHAPTER TOPIC 05‐Jan Mon Lecture 1 Cu2er 1 History of evolu:onary thought 07‐Jan Wed Lecture ± Cu2er 8 Origins of gene:c varia:on 1±‐Jan Mon Lecture 3 Cu2er 9 Gene:c and phenotypic varia:on 14‐Jan Wed Lecture 4 Cu2er ar:cle Gene:c and phenotypic varia:on 19‐Jan Mon Lecture 5 Cu2er 10 Gene:c dri² ±1‐Jan Wed Lecture 6 Cu2er ar:cle Gene:c dri² ±6‐Jan Mon Lecture 7 Cu2er 11 Natural selec:on and adapta:on ±8‐Jan Wed Lecture 8 Cu2er ar:cle Natural selec:on and adapta:on 0±‐Feb Mon Lecture 9 Cu2er Popula:on gene:cs 04‐Feb Wed MIDTERM EXAM 1 material from lectures 1‐8 09‐Feb Mon Lecture 10 Cu2er ar:cle Popula:on gene:cs 11‐Feb Wed Lecture 11 Cu2er 13 Quan:ta:ve gene:cs 16‐Feb Mon NO CLASS 18‐Feb Wed NO CLASS ±3‐Feb Mon Lecture 1± Cu2er Quan:ta:ve gene:cs ±5‐Feb Wed Lecture 13 Wright 15, 16 Species/specia:on 0±‐Mar Mon Lecture 14 Wright ar:cle Species/specia:on
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