Lec18_07 - each filament type in the process of...

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Lec18-2007 INTRODUCTORY ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGY BIOAP 311/VETBM 346 FALL 2007 OUTLINE - LECTURE 18 Skeletal Muscle (Readings - Chapter 12) I. Major Topics/Concepts to be covered: 1. Muscle as a metabolic linear engine. 2. Gross anatomy of musculo-skeletal system - a review. 3. Macro- and microscopic Anatomy of skeletal muscle - the sarcomere. 4. Microfilaments and microtubules muscle. 5. The sliding filament hypothesis - evidence in favour of. 6. The cycle of force generation in skeletal muscle - ATP utilization and the role of calcium (Fig. 12-7). 7. Length-tension curves explained by the sliding filament hypothesis (Fig. 12-10). 8. II. You will have learned the material when you can: 1. Draw and label the anatomical organization of muscles and bones. 2. Draw and label the microfilament arrangement in a typical sarcomere. 3. Define the role of each microfilament type in the process of contraction. 4. State the sliding filament hypothesis and define the role of
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Unformatted text preview: each filament type in the process of contraction. 5. List the steps involved in cross-bridge formation and their role in contraction. 6. Give the steps involved in contraction from the calcium signal to an increase in force. III. Sample Problems: 1. What determines the limit of how much a muscle fiber can shorten in length? 2. Draw a cross-section of a muscle fiber showing the arrangement of the various filament types. file:///C|/WINWORD/COURSES/31107/Lec18-07.htm (1 of 2)8/15/2007 10:17:01 AM Lec18-2007 3. Identify all the 'sinks' for the energy released by ATP hydrolysis in muscle. 4. What is the physiological basis of rigor mortis? 5. List all the batteries involved in muscle contraction (hint-don't forget mechanical batteries - a compressed spring is a battery!). file:///C|/WINWORD/COURSES/31107/Lec18-07.htm (2 of 2)8/15/2007 10:17:01 AM...
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Lec18_07 - each filament type in the process of...

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