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Lec22_07 - 3 Relate depolarization/repolarization of the...

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Lec22 - 2007 INTRODUCTORY ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGY BIOAP 311/VETBM 346 FALL 2007 OUTLINE - LECTURE 22 Rhythmicity and the Electrocardiogram ( Readings - Chapters 16 & 17) I. Major Topics/Concepts to be covered: 1. Ionic basis of the cardiac action potential. 2. Physiology of pacemaker sites 3. The body as a volume conductor - potential sources. 4. Waveform of the normal EKG. 5. Measuring the EKG - the Einthoven triangle. II. You will have learned the material when you can: 1. Understand the basis for rythmicity at the pacemaker sites. 2. Trace the excitation path from the pacemaker nodes to the cardiac musculature and relate to timing.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Relate depolarization/repolarization of the heart to the generation of the EKG. 4. Understand the underlying physics of the Einthoven triangle. III. Sample Problems: 1. What would happen if it were possible for the ventricular action potential to invade the atria via the A-V bundle? 2. How would an increase in extracellular calcium affect the heartrate? 3. What would probably have more dire consequences, a septal infarct or one in the lateral ventricular wall? 4. What would the absence of a P wave in the EKG indicate? file:///C|/WINWORD/COURSES/31107/Lec22-07.htm8/15/2007 10:24:08 AM...
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