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Lec24_07 - 3 Understand the importance of laminar flow 4...

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Lec24- 2007 INTRODUCTORY ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGY BIOAP 311/VETBM 346 FALL 2007 OUTLINE - LECTURE 24 Hemodynamics (Readings - Chapter 20) I. Major Topics/Concepts to be covered: 1. Pressure gradients in the circulatory system. 2. Physics of blood flow - pressure, flow, resistance. 3. Series and parallel circuits. 4. Effects of vessel diameter. 5. Laminar vs. turbulent flow - viscosity. 6. Poiseuille's Law. 7. The hematocrit. II. You will have learned the material when you can: 1. Understand the reasons for the pressure drops seen in different parts of the circulatory system. 2. Rationalize the factors making up Poiseuille's Law.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Understand the importance of laminar flow. 4. Understand how the hematocrit affects blood flow. III. Sample Problems: 1. What effect would dilation of the pulmonary capillaries have on left atrial filling pressure? 2. How is tissue perfusion related to vessel diameter and blood pressure? 3. What reasons could explain the increase in blood pressure seen in arteriosclerosis caused by plaques on the walls of blood vessels? file:///C|/WINWORD/COURSES/31107/Lec24-07.htm8/15/2007 10:24:09 AM...
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