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Lec33- 2007 INTRODUCTORY ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGY BIOAP 311/VETBM 346 FALL 2007 OUTLINE - LECTURE 33 Kidney Structure, Filtration and Blood Flow (Readings - Chapter 36) I. Major Topics/Concepts to be covered: 1. Kidney function in homeostasis. 2. Kidney structure down to the nephron. 3. Pathways for excretory products. 4. Glomerular filtration and the factors affecting it. 5. Regulation of glomerular filtration rate (GFR). II. You will have learned the material when you can: 1. Draw a schematic kidney and a typical nephron labeling the parts. 2. List the way in which different substances are handled by the kidney.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Understand the gradients operating to determine the GFR. 4. List and describe the processes capable of regulating GFR. 5. Understand the structure and function of the juxta-glomerular complex. III. Sample Problems: 1. What is the functional difference between cotical and medullary nephrons? 2. What would happen to GFR if I increased the osmolarity of the blood? 3. How does the macula densa work to regulate GFR? file:///C|/WINWORD/COURSES/31107/Lec33-07.htm8/15/2007 10:26:54 AM...
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