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Extracting Top Level Verilog Netlist from Cadence Schematic 1. In icfb window (CIW) go to tools and then choose Synopsys Integration. CIW- Æ Tools Æ Synopsys Integration In CSI window Browse to your top level design, and click OK. 2. CSI window will pop up. On CSI go to Session then environment and then change run directory…. CSI Æ Session Æ Environment Æ Change run directory… On CSI initialization window correct your path where you want your netlist to be extracted and then click OK. 3. On CSI window under session choose set up and CSI… CSI Æ Session Æ Setup Æ CSI… Then in CSI Options change Netlist format to Verilog HDL
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Unformatted text preview: 4. On CSI under session, setup choose Verilog Netlist CSI Session setup Verilog Netlist On Verilog Netlist Options check the Netlist Explicitly. 5. Now on CSI window under RUN menu choose export design and you will have top-level verilog code extracted by seeing successful message on icfb window. CSI RUN Export design 6. For closing CSI window go to Session and choose Close. Do not close it from top right corner [X]. 7. Your net list would be in file name netlist in the directory you set in step number 2. Rename this netlist file accordingly....
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Extracting_top_level_verilog_netlist - 4. On CSI under...

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