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Alyssa Garcia November 26, 2007 Unit 2 Application Part A. 1. Calculus (M408k) 2. Requirements of the current learning activity- For calculus it is required that all students take the math subject test in order to be placed in the course. Also, it is required for students to be able to know all pre-cal and algebra material. For example, we learned trig functions in pre-cal and we are required to remember all trig functions and identities in order to survive in calculus. Teacher’s expectations- My calculus professor expects all of her students to be familiar with trig functions, algebra equations, geometric formulas, and so much more. She basically told us on the first day of class if we were not familiar with these things then we would not survive in this course. She also expects us to learn the material at a fast pace because although she is a very nice professor she doesn’t stop for anyone. Available resources- There are many ways that students can brush up on any material that we have learned in the course. My particular favorite is using the UTLC one on one tutoring. I get more out of speaking with some one one-on-one rather than a big group of students because I pay better attention. The UTLC also has drop in tutoring during the day and review sessions at the beginning and end of the semester. Students can also attend office hours to ask for help on anything they do not understand. Social context/support- In this course along with all college courses there is less support from the professors. They want students to do well but it is hard to take care of hundreds of students. Unlike high school professors come in, teach, and expect you to know the material. Also, relationships with your parents change. In
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unit 2 app - Alyssa Garcia Unit 2 Application Part A 1...

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