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exam 2 question 1 - protest Having a baby is a woman’s...

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Alyssa Garcia March 7, 2008 Soc 308 Prof. Vasquez Exam question 1 In Mexico City, pro-life women were protesting in the streets against legalizing abortion while lawmakers were passing the new law that women, in their first twelve weeks of pregnancy, could get an abortion without, as Duncan Kennedy states, “[being] classified as a criminal.” Pro-life and pro-choice women are fighting the never-ending war against abortion which is a cry for citizenship from both groups of women. This cry for citizenship comes from the fight for natural and civil rights. “[This] is because this issue is literally a matter of life and death and what better moral challenge is there to coalesce around than that” (Kennedy). Abortion rights are a demand for citizenship because these women are fighting for civil rights to make their own decision about keeping or aborting a fetus. Civil rights are those of life, liberty and property which citizens are born with. Some civil rights include; the right to privacy and the right to a peaceful
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Unformatted text preview: protest. Having a baby is a woman’s private business and by giving them choices they are allowed to control their bodies. Pro-choice women were not able to make their own decisions about the baby before the law was passed forcing them to do something that they did not want to go through with, such as giving birth. Although many women are pro-life in the society, pro-choice women are the ones fighting for their right for freedom, which has been taken away by legislators for many years. Pro-life women fight for a peaceful protest instead of being criticized for their beliefs. They too deserve these civil rights that are promised to all people. After fighting for their right to choose abortion the congressmen have finally legalized abortion in Mexico City. “Pro-choice people say a new law was needed” (Kennedy). Kennedy, Duncan. 2007. “Stakes High in Mexico Abortion Debate.” BBC News, Mexico City. Retrieved March 6, 2008...
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