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NanoSim and CosmosScope Tutorial This tutorial demonstrates a basic NanoSim simulation and viewing waveform output with CosmosScope. 1. NanoSim and CosmosScope setup Source CAD tools setup file aludra> source ~ee577/vlsi_tools.csh 2. Tutorial setup Follow the steps below aludra> mkdir ~/nanosim aludra> cp ~ee577/nanosim/nanosim_tutorial.tar ~/nanosim/ aludra> cd ~/nanosim aludra> tar xvf nanosim_tutorial.tar 3. Files required for basic simulation The following files will be extracted from “nanosim_tutorial.tar” file. – run script RCA_4bit.cfg – batch run NanoSim configuration file RCA_4bit.sp – sample spice netlist for 4-bit ripple carry adder RCA_4bit.stimul – input stimulus file RCA_4bit.cir – spice netlist containing other general settings t smc18.spice – technology file – edisplay run script edisplay.ctrl – edisplay control file (1) RCA_4bit.sp When you generate hspice netlist from Cadence, don’t forget to delete “.END” at the end of the netlist when you use HSPICE. In case of using NanoSim, it is ok to leave “.END”.
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(2) When you open the file using a text editor, nanosim \ -nspice RCA_4bit.cir \ -nvec RCA_4bit.stimul \ -C RCA_4bit.cfg \ -o result/RCA_4bit nanosim : NanoSim command –nspice : spice netlist file name(s), –nvec : vector file name(s) –C : configuration file(s), save commands to .log file –o
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NanoSim_Tutorial - NanoSim and CosmosScope Tutorial This...

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