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1. A) Urochordates, cephalochordates, and vertebrates are all members of a monophyletic group called the ____________________. B) What is the rank given to such group in current classifications? __________________________________________________ C) Identify five characteristics employed to assign membership to the group in A above. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. D) Diagnostic characters (such as the examples cited in C above for group A) that distinguish a taxon from its closest relatives, and are shared by the hypothetical ancestor and all the descendants are called ________________________. E) Two groups of deuterostomes are considered to be the closest relatives to the group in A above. 1. 2. 1
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2. A) Most paleontologists believe that the earlier vertebrates were small fish- like marine organisms. Opponents to this view have indicated two lines of evidence, one related to the fossil record and the other to osmoregulation, in support of the idea of a freshwater origin of the earlier vertebrates. Choose
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Sample_exam_questions_EEB_111 - 1 A Urochordates...

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