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ECE 2300 – CIRCUIT ANALYSIS HOMEWORK #4 Part 1 – Spring 2006 Due Date: February 23, 2006 Complete problems from Electric Circuits, 7 th Edition, by Nilsson and Riedel: 4.15, 4.25, 4.26, 4.29, D9, D10, D11, D12 Notes Power terminology: In class we use the terms “delivered” and “absorbed” to indicate the direction of power flow. Nilsson/Riedel use the term “total power dissipated” (Prob. 4.15) to mean either case, that is, they want you to calculate the power in each circuit element, and find out whether positive power is delivered or absorbed. Then, take the values of the power expressions for positive power absorbed and add these results. Do the same thing for the power expressions for power delivered. These two sums should be equal. Each sum is equal to the “total power dissipated” in the circuit. Additional Problems: D9. Use the node-voltage method to write a complete set of independent equations that could be used to solve this circuit. Do not attempt to solve the equations. Do not attempt to simplify the
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2300_HW041_Spring2006 - ECE 2300 CIRCUIT ANALYSIS...

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