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2300_HW071_Spring2006 - ECE 2300 CIRCUIT ANALYSIS...

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ECE 2300 – CIRCUIT ANALYSIS HOMEWORK #7 Part 1 – Spring 2006 Due Date: April 4, 2006 Complete problems from Electric Circuits, 7 th Edition, by Nilsson and Riedel: 7.3, 7.9, 7.17, 7.18, 7.19, 7.24, 7.30, 7.37, 7.50 Notes: In Problem 7.9, solve for i O (t) for t > 0, not for t 0. In Problem 7.17, the current i ab is not defined. Assume the reference polarity for the current i ab is from terminal a, through the short circuit, to terminal b. In Problem 7.30, the voltages indicated on the diagram next to the capacitors (5[V], 30[V]) are the initial voltages across the capacitors. Also, for part e), replace the question asked in the textbook with the following question: e) Find the energy stored in the actual capacitors at t = . In Problem 7.37, there is a reference to the solution of Problem 7.36. If you wish, you may ignore this reference. You can solve Problem 7.37 without reference to Problem 7.36.
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Numerical Solutions: 7.3. a) 0 b) 160[mA] c) 65[mA] d) 160[mA] e) 225[mA] f) 0 g) 160e -200t [mA] for t 0 and t in [s], or (160e -t/5[ms] )[mA] for t 0 h) 0 i) –3.2[V] j) 0 k) –3.2e -200t [V] for t 0 and t in [s], or (-3.2e -t/5[ms] )[V] for t 0 l) (225 - 160e -200t )[mA] for t 0 and t in [s], or (225 - 160e
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