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Toilet Paper at Home Depot? Competition Changes Product Mix by: Shelly Banjo and Serena Ng Jun 06, 2014 TOPICS: Business Strategy, Retailing SUMMARY: Big box retail stores were successful for a long time because they offered selection and specialization. Home improvement items, office supplies and electronics sold in stores like Home Depot, Staples and Best Buy meant customers went to stores for merchandise in specific categories. Now stores are reconsidering what they stock and responding to the drop in traffic at stores by adding basic items to bring customers into stores. Toilet paper, coffee pods, deodorant and cleaning supplies are a few of the items sold at stores you might not typically associate with the products. Some stores always sold these kinds of items, but they are expanding and getting more aggressive. Consumer packaged goods might be the part of the salvation of big box stores. CLASSROOM APPLICATION: Where do you buy your toilet paper? It might seem like a simple question but it has implications for the future of retailing. The increasing role of
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