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Dissertation Outline 1. Title: A Study of How Advertising Affect Consumers’ Purchase Decision towards Fast Food Industries in Hong Kong 2. Background and Overall Research Aim: - Background of the area to be investigated The industry studied in this dissertation would be focusing on the fast food industry and how advertising would affect consumers’ purchase decision on purchasing fast food in Hong Kong. According to Oxford Dictionaries, fast food stands for the food which is easily prepared and processed, is served in snack bars and restaurants as a quick meal or to be taken away (Oxford Dictionaries, 2017). Besides, fast food restaurants are known as quick service restaurants which consumers order their food and pay before having their food in most cases and fast food industry are included both Chinese fast food and Western fast food where fast food is not just dominated by hamburger, sandwich or french fries (Youfa, Liang, Hong & WEidong, 2016). In these past serval decades, United Stated food consumption patterns had arisen and this huge change has transformed the consumption pattern towards dinning worldwide (Mark, James & James, 2001). Most of the early studies had proofed that the arising of fast food industry and change of consumption patterns on meals is due to the importance of household time and the rising value of convenience. These phenomenon can be explained by the cost of time which working hours and female labor force has increased along with people increasing working income and several demographic factors, thus, leading value of convenience to become one of the most important factors on determining food consumption patterns worldwide (Mark, James & James, 2001). In addition, there were 15.760 restaurants in Hong Kong’s catering market in 2011
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which 11.8% were fast food restaurants according to the GAIN Report (Chris, Annie & Caroline, 2016). Competition among variety of fast food chains in Hong Kong is competitive and intense to maintain its customer loyalty and rise its brand awareness and recognition. For instance, worldwide fast food brand, McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut, are much recognized than local brand in Hong Kong such as Café De Coral, Maxim’s and Fairfood. Thus, for purpose of remain high brand awareness and recognition and maintain customer loyalty, fast food brand have to update its outlet and food options (Chris, Annie & Caroline, 2016). For instance, McDonald’s had developed McCafe within its shop area, improving its service and food experience towards customers and several food options such as its “Signature” series. Apart from background of fast food industry in Hong Kong, major variable, advertising affect the intention of customer why choosing fast food for their meal and what kind of food they will have. Basically, this major variable determines consumers’ purchase decision towards fast food industry in Hong Kong. Therefore, this study will focus on how advertising would affect consumer’s purchase decision under Hong Kong fast food industries.
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