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12-04 - Focusing on Perception Perception December 4 2007...

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Unformatted text preview: Focusing on Perception Perception December 4, 2007 African World Perspectives Why is perception important? important? Western Perceptions of Africa Western How did your early perceptions of Africa compare to what Ugandan students thought your perceptions were? How have your perceptions of Africa changed during the course? African Perceptions of the West African How do Africans perceive the West? What factors might influence African perceptions of the West? perceptions Mamdani Article: The Politics of Naming The Why in African contexts is there a Why tendency for the West to simplify understandings? understandings? How can I be in solidarity with people I am How “working for” or “on behalf” of? “working Charity -Meets immediate survival need -Donors see beyond themselves -False generosity -Have’s and have-not’s always exist Development - Socioeconomic indicators - Problem lies with the poor - Linear progress Social Justice - Broad analysis - Suffering result of structural factors - Little immediate service provision For Thursday’s Class: For Choose one contemporary intervention in Africa. This Choose could include (but is not limited to): could International projects/NGOs Local, grassroots projects or organizations Social movements Multilateral projects from the UN or the World Bank Multilateral Campaigns Advocacy Organizations Service Trips Spend 1 hour researching: What issues it is concerned with Where it operates How it does its work By Thursday, post on WebCT (Organizations in Africa) (Organizations Name of organization Website or other contact information Major focus area of intervention Short description of what they do (3 Short sentences) ...
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