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Exam No. 1 Guide - CH105 Fall 2007 Exam#1 Guide Exam Date...

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CH105 Fall 2007 Exam #1 Guide Exam Date: Tuesday, October 2 nd Room 511 Fulton, 3:00 pm Professor Armstrong The questions on the quiz are good examples of the type of multiple choice question you will see on the exam. Quiz #1 answers are posted on WebCT. The exam will consist of 60 multiple choice questions. You will fill out ‘bubble’/‘scantron’ forms, which will be graded automatically. I will provide answer forms and pencils. Your exam, answer form, and a pencil will be handed out at the beginning of the class period. Remember to write your name and fill in the corresponding circles on the standard form . Please be sure to return the pencil when you turn in your answer form . You may bring a calculator. It must be a ‘sole function’ device. For example – do not use cell phones. Your graded exam answer forms will be photocopied. Do the review questions at the end of Chapters 1-3, looking back in the text if you need to do so. I suggest you quiz yourself and/or each other without referring back to the text. This will help you to be certain that you
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