homework 4 - Review Questions 1 a the time it takes for...

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Review Questions 1. a. the time it takes for half of a radioactive sample to disintegrate (t ½ ) b. positive electron e 0 1 c. radiation present in nature d. a radioactive isotope e. splitting of a large nucleus into smaller nuclei f. combining of small nuclei to form a larger nucleus g. changing an atomic nucleus by nuclear bombardment h. energy that holds the nucleus together 2. The nucleus is extremely small and dense. 3. The chemical reactivity of the substance does not generally change significantly with changes in the isotopes of the elements that make up the substance. Chemical reactions are mainly based upon changes in electron structure, not changes in the nucleus. Nuclear reactions are based upon changes in the nucleus and proton/neutron ratios. 4. Nucleons are the particles contained in the nucleus: the protons and neutrons. The nucleon number is the sum of the number of protons and neutrons. 5. 1 1 , H 1 2 H 1 3 H 6. 5 8 B 7. 35 83 Br 8. 53 125 I 9. a. ; b. 42 98 ; c. 42 99 Mo ; d. 43 98 31 69 Ga Mo Tc 10. a. 30 protons, 32 neutrons; b. 94 protons, 147 neutrons; c. 43 protons, 56 neutrons; d. 36 protons, 45 neutrons 11. isotopes: b and c 12. b 13. Fermium-257 has 100 protons and 157 neutrons. 14. Technetium-97 has 97 nucleons (54 neutrons + 43 protons = 97).
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homework 4 - Review Questions 1 a the time it takes for...

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