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review page 6 - suspended Chinese immigration for 10 years...

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Unformatted text preview: suspended Chinese immigration for 10 years, limited civil rights of residence, and forbade naturalization. American Federation of Labor: Formed in 1886, the AFL was a contrast to the previous Knights of Labor. The AF L accepted the wage system and disregarded unskilled workers; racial minorities, immigrants and women because they were believed to not be able to organize or even deserve membership. Represented a small minority of working Americans. Domestics: Women’s employment, domestic servants, one of the largest job opportunities for women. Very socially constraining, often times were immigrants. New Immigrants: Southern and eastern Europe that were feared of fundamentally altering the country and work force. New Middle Class: Referring to the rise of professionalism, managerial class and professional class became the new middle class. The Grange: One of the first organizations that intentionally tried to pull together farmers to better the lot of the American farmer. 1860-1870, most of the organizations focus was on education. Tries to keep up with research and innovations so to improve the success of the American farmer. This was a politically modest, voluntary organization. William J. Bryan: Cross of Gold speech of the 1896 democratic national convention. Good public speaker, he puts the gold standard in the context of a moral question. He says that you can’t crucify the workingman on a cross of gold. The financial standards of the nation needs to be modified, money needs to be more circulated. He wanted expansion not contraction, which the gold standard set up. White Man’s burden: American imperial expansion, Philippines, quote from Richard Kipling poem. Chapter 23 1920-1929 Henry Ford: Revolutionized production efficiency with the assembly line, as well as with custom built machinery. Started a new wage scale for 8 hour days, employed mostly immigrants Albert Fall: First cabinet officer ever to go to jail, he was involved in Teapot Dome scandal taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in payoffs while secretly leasing oil reserves to private oil developers. Al Smith: A Tammany Hall figure, he worked with middle-class progressive groups to pass child labor laws, factory safety regulations, and workers comp. “Associative state”: Proposed by Hoover, this state would encourage voluntary cooperation among corporations, consumers, workers, farmers, and small businessmen, ...
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